Even for a lagoon in the island paradise of French Polynesia, Tikehau is something special. Just a 55 minute flight from Tahiti, it is an atoll of incredible natural beauty. It is also home to a rich and unique birdlife that will delight every ornithologist.

Motu Puarua, known as Bird Island, is a sanctuary for several species of birds. As you stroll anlong the white or pink (yes, pink!) sandy beaches, you’ll be amazed by the superb spectacle taking place over your head. Brown noddies, red-footed boobies, white terns, crested terns and frigate birds sweeping across the skies in a truly wondrous aerial ballet.

Tikehau, the bird haven

To get to the idyllic Bird Island motu, you have to cross the superb turquoise lagoon. As a reflection of the graceful flight of the seabirds overhead, you can admire the majestic manta rays that glide through the crystal clear waters. You’ll also see multitudes of tropical fish, harmless blacktip sharks and magnificent, brightly colored coral. It’s not for nothing that Tikehau is considered an underwater paradise!

Everybody who visits Tikehau falls under its spell. According to comments on the TripAdvisor website, the island and its bird colonies are one of the highlights of a visit to The Islands of Tahiti. The superb, turqoise lagoon, beaches of white or pink sand, and endless coconut palms, form a picture postcard setting that is simply glorious. A local guide will help you identify the different species to be found on Bird Island, and will also be able to teach you a little of the history and legends of this magnificent atoll.

Tikehau: a natural bird sanctuary

We recommend that you stay in a Tahitian Guesthouse when you visit the island of Tikehau. This authentic accommodation will give you an insight into the unique lifestyle of the South Pacific islanders. After your day on the lagoon, you’ll be able to relax on a sheltered terrace in a tropical garden, where you can enjoy delicious local dishes prepared by your friendly and welcoming hosts.

A day trip on the lagoon to observe the birdlife on Bird Island is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It is just one of the many treasures of Tikehau that go make it such a very special paradise in the Tuamotu Islands.

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