Imbued with rich culture and vibrant traditions, The Islands of Tahiti offer more than just tourist destinations; they provide a sense of belonging. The Mana, or spiritual energy, resonates throughout each of its 118 islands. There are many events and festivals for you to attend to gain a better understanding of our cultural heritage.

The heart of Mana

Culture, art and cinema

Ori Tahiti show at Heiva I Tahiti © KMH Media Production

The Heiva i Tahiti

The Heiva i Tahiti is the most beautiful expression of Polynesian culture. It’s a collective moment where an entire community unites to celebrate a shared ancestral culture that remains deeply ingrained in their daily existence.

Following months of research, costume-designing, and rigorous rehearsals, each dance troupe presents their aparima (traditional dances) portraying a legend from their respective island or district. These dances constitute a grand ballet of movements and steps passed down through generations, from fathers to sons and mothers to daughters, preserving the rich cultural heritage of Tahitian folklore.

The pulsating rhythm of the to’ere (wooden drum) serves as the ancestral heartbeat, a powerful force that sustains the memory of our forebears and links us to their legacy. This rhythmic heartbeat embodies the Mana, the spiritual essence that resonates within us, connecting past, present, and future generations.

Festival International du Film documentaire océanien © FIFO

International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival (FIFO)

The FIFO stands as a pivotal festival for documentary films in Oceania, shining a spotlight on the challenges, concerns, and sentiments experienced by the people of the Pacific Ocean.

It offers a distinctive platform for media and audiovisual professionals across the Pacific to showcase their work. Moreover, FIFO provides a valuable opportunity to connect with the directors and producers of selected films, as well as to participate in conferences, workshops, and other audiovisual events.

Having celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023, the festival remains dedicated to shedding light on the ongoing concerns and challenges confronting the Oceania region.

Surfer la vague de Teahupoo©_Steve Dickinson

Olympic Games 2024

Paris 2024 surfing competitions

Paris 2024 promises to be an unparalleled celebration of the Olympic spirit. Among the highlights of this event is the debut of four sports, including surfing.

In a pledge to encompass every corner of French territory in this grand sporting spectacle, the surfing competition will take place at Teahupo’o. This marks the first instance of a French Overseas Territory directly participating in the Olympic Games.

Teahupo’o 2024 is not just an opportunity to stage a surfing competition; it is also the chance to promote the beauty and authenticity of The Islands of Tahiti to a global TV audience.


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Hawaiki Nui Va’a

Hawaiki Nui Va’a is one of the most impressive and popular sporting events in the South Pacific, acclaimed as the largest outrigger canoe race in The Islands of Tahiti.

Spanning from Huahine to RaiateaTaha’a, and culminating in Bora Bora, this three-day, 80-mile race sees over 100 six-man outrigger canoes navigating the open ocean.

Amidst a sea of support boats of all shapes and sizes, the exhilarating climax occurs at the majestic Matira Beach in Bora Bora, heralded as one of the world’s most breathtaking sporting spectacles.

hawaiki nui vaa © Steve Dickinson

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The Xterra Tahiti groups together three different sporting events on different days in Moorea. Running, mountain bike and open water swimming races take place in the magnificent setting of this beautiful South Pacific tropical island.

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The Islands of Tahiti is a dream destination where you can choose to do as little or as much as you like. Discover the flavours, scents and scenery of our islands and soak up the omnipresent Mana.

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