Bora Bora is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The “Pearl of the Pacific,” as it is known, is an island paradise, with a crystal clear lagoon, superb coral reefs, vast stretches of white sandy beach and luxuriant forests of lush green tropical vegetation. It’s hardly surprising that people all over the world dream of visiting Bora Bora at least once in their life.

Introduction to dance © Christophe Molinier


The Heiva i Bora Bora, a unique festival

The Heiva i Bora Bora is one of the most important events in the island’s cultural calendar. Held every year during the month of July, it is a spectacular celebration of traditional dance, music and song. Thesuperb setting on the beach, the magnificent, colorful costumes, rhythmic music and beautiful singing and the magic of the dances make it a truly unforgettable experience.

Aerial view of Mount Otemanu© Grégoire Le Bacon Tahiti Nui Helicopters


Mount Otemanu

Mount Otemanu is the emblematic mountain of Bora Bora. It can be seen from the neighboring islands, rising proudly up from the center of the world’s most beautiful lagoon. There are several hiking trails which lead up the side of the mountain, from where you have breathtaking views over the whole island and the Pacific Ocean. A sunset over Mount Otemanu seen from the lagoon is a truly inspiring sight.


Bungalow on stilts in Bora Bora © Flying World Pictures


Overwater bungalows

Bora Bora is famous for its overwater bungalows, which isn’t surprising because this luxurious and unique type of accommodation originated on this very island. Privacy, unbelievable views and your own access directly into the lagoon from your terrace, make it the perfect setting for your vacation in paradise. You can even have your breakfast delivered directly to your bungalow by an outrigger canoe!


Matira's turquoise waters © Grégoire Le Bacon


Matira beach

Matira beach is one of the principal attractions of Bora Bora. It has been elected the world’s best beach on several occasions and you’ll understand why as soon as you discover the crystal clear turquoise water and magnificent long stretch of fine white sand. It is the finishing point for the famous Hawaiki Nui Va’a race in November, when the entire island gathers on the beach and in the shallows to welcome the canoes as they arrive from Taha’a. Swimming, snorkeling and watersports of every kind wil make your days on this beach fun-filled and unforgettable.


View of the Bora Bora lagoon © Grégoire Le Bacon & LionAiles


Bora Bora’s lagoon

When you discover the crystal clear blue and turquoise sea, idyllic motu and superb white sandy beaches, you won’t be surprised that Bora Bora is said to have the most beautiful lagoon in the world. Magnificent multicolored corals, myriads of tropical fish, manta rays and eagle rays make the lagoon as wonderful below the surface as it is above.

Helicopter tour © Grégoire Le Bacon & Tahiti Nui Helicopters


Activities and adventures

If you’re looking for a little adventure during your vacation in Bora Bora, there are plenty of activities for you to choose from. Jet skis, motor boats, parasailing tours, helicopter flights and plenty of other ways to get your adrenaline flowing.

Motu Tapu in Bora Bora © Mark Fitz


Magical vacation

A vacation on the island of Bora Bora is a dream that everybody should fulfill at least once in their life. The breathtakingly beautiful lagoon and the warmth of the local population will make it a truly unforgettable occasion. But be warned: once you’ve fulfilled your dream, you’ll almost certainly dream of coming back again!

American cannon from the Second World War © Frédéric Cristol


Vestiges of operation Bobcat

Operation Bobcat concerned the installation of an American naval base on Bora Bora during the Second World War. The base was intended as a refuelling depot for US Navy ships operating in the South Pacific, in the battle against the Japanese. Today, you can still visit many vestiges of this operation, including the canons that were installed as part of the island’s defenses.

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