Fakarava island is one of the multitude of magnificent atolls in the Tuamotu Islands. It boasts the second biggest lagoon in French Polynesia, after Rangiroa island, and the richness and diversity of Fakarava’s marine life make it a favorite spot for diving enthusiasts from all over the world. A great opportunity to admire an aquatic landscape quite different from that of Bora Bora or Tahiti.

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UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Fakarava is part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve, that includes six nearby atolls and islands. It is home to an abundance of marine life, including several endemic and protected species. Your Tahitian Guesthouse will be able to provide all the details for you.

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Tetamanu pass

One of the best spots for snorkeling is Tetamanu pass in the south of Fakarava. Reputed for its strong incoming current, it is home to an incredible number of sharks. When they are resting during the daytime, they are said to form a ‘wall of sharks’. It is a site suitable for divers of all levels, and an adrenaline rush is guaranteed!

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Garuae pass

The other popular dive spot in Fakarava is Garuae pass in the north of the atoll. At 1,600 meters wide, it is the widest pass in French Polynesia. It is the perfect spot for observing sharks, rays, tropical fish and a large variety of corals. There are several dive centers in Fakarava that organize excursions to one or both of these spots.

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Dive Spirit Fakarava

This diving club organizes excursions to both of the atoll’s two passes. The excursion to the southern pass takes a full day, so you have lots of time to marvel at the ‘wall of sharks’.

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Enata Diving Center

This diving center specializes in excursions to the southern pass. Your guide will take you to discover the ‘wall of sharks’ and observe all the other marine species that swim in the crystal clear waters of the pass. It is a dive spot that the dive centers of Rangiroa envy Fakarava.

Plongée avec une raie manta © Grégory Lecoeur


Kaina Plongée

A diving excursion with a professional diver on which you’ll discover and appreciate the incredible diversity of life in the biosphere reserve of Fakarava. You’ll be able to swim with the manta rays on this dive, a magical encounter that you’ll never forget.

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O2 Fakarava

A diving center where you’ll meet local Polynesian islanders. They’ll take you to the coral reef for a swim with the tropical fish and the reef sharks. And you won’t even need to dive deep for the privilege.

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Topdive is one of the most experienced dive centers in French Polynesia. Their professional diver will take you to discover the northern pass and its fabulous coral garden. Keep your eyes wide open, you’ll be amazed at what lives beneath the waves in Fakarava.

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