Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine… The Society Islands are known all over the world,for their beautiful scenery. Here are some of the very best spots to visit in this magical archipelago.


Taravao scenic viewpoint in Tahiti Iti

To get to the Belvedere scenic viewpoint on the Tahiti Iti peninsula, you drive through lush green fields where you might be surprised to see horses and cows grazing peacefully. Once you reach the Belvedere, the views over the Pacific Ocean and the isthmus that links the peninsula to Tahiti are simply stunning.



Faarumai waterfalls in Tahiti

On the east coast of Tahiti, the three waterfalls at Faarumai are once again open to the public, after having been closed for landscaping work. The first waterfall, Vaimahuta, is the most spectacular of the three. At 263 feet high, a very impressive flow of water falls into the pool below. To get to the next two waterfalls, Haamaremare rahi and Iti, you take a very pleasant twenty minute walk in the countryside.



The waterfall in the Maroto valley in Tahiti

A hike or a four-wheel drive excursion in Maroto Valley is an opportunity to admire the luxuriant vegetation that grows in the heart of Tahiti. The Maroto waterfall is a well-known site with a superb pool at the base of its 20-foot cascade. If you’re very courageous, you can leap down from the top into the pool. If not, then just slide in from the edge and enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool, clear water.



Opunoho Belvedere in Moorea

A pleasant walk takes you to this scenic viewpoint in Opunohu on the island of Moorea. The sight from the 788-foot-high view is magnificent. On the left is the superb Opunohu Bay and on the right, the equally superb Cook’s Bay. Rising up between the two bays, is the majestic Mount Rotui.



Shark and ray sandbank in Moorea

Situated about 330 feet from the shore in Haapiti, the sandbank and its crystal clear water, just three feet deep, is the perfect spot for snorkeling. Common stingrays and blacktip sharks dwell in the shallow waters, so put on your mask and snorkel and enjoy the privilege and thrill of swimming with these superb creatures. Don’t worry, blacktip sharks are quite harmless to people.


Temae beach in Moorea

The beach at Temae is quite possibly the finest beach on the island of Moorea. To get the best view, go up to the scenic point at Toatea. You look down over the vast stretch of soft white sand bordered by coconut trees on one side and the magnificent turquoise lagoon on the other. A veritable picture postcard setting that will have pride of place among your holiday snaps.



The marae of Taputapuatea in Raiatea

Classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2017, Taputapuatea is the biggest and most sacred marae in The Islands of Tahiti. The center of the Polynesian Triangle, that links Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island, it is the birthplace of the Ma’ohi civilization. From this very place the ancient Polynesians set sail to explore the Pacific Ocean. An incredibly impressive site in a picture postcard setting, the marae of Taputapuatea is considered the spiritual home of all Polynesians.



Faaroa Botanic Garden in Raiatea

Faaroa Botanic Garden was opened in 2020. A beautiful seven-acre site with shaded paths that lead through wooded areas down to the Faaroa riverbank. You can admire a variety of plants and tropical flowers, some of which are endemic to Raiatea. A very short drive from the gardens is the Faaroa viewpoint, a scenic area that looks out over the caldera of the original volcano that erupted to form the island of Raiatea.


Jardin de Corail à Taha'a ©_Grégoire Le Bacon-2880x1920


Taha’a coral garden

The magnificent coral garden in Taha’a lies in a channel between two motu in the lagoon. The current from the reef sweeps you along and you glide over an scene of incredible beauty. Corals of all colors form a wondrous garden, inhabited by myriads of tropical fish that swim all around you. When you lift your head out of the water, you can see the island of Bora Bora. A truly magical experience not to be missed during a visit to Taha’a or Raiatea.



Fare Beach at Maitai Lapita in Huahine

The island of Huahine is known for its authentic charm and magnificent beaches. One of the very best is the beach next to the Maitai Lapita Village Huahine in Fare, the island’s main village. Soft white sand, coconut palms and a superb turquoise lagoon make this a perfect spot for swimming, paddleboarding and relaxing in the sun. In the background, the island’s lush green valleys and hills add to the natural beauty of the scenery.

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