French Polynesia is the ideal destination for anyone in need of a little rest and recuperation ‘far from the madding crowd’. Perfect for recharging the batteries, forgetting about the troubles and stresses of the modern world and getting back to the essentials in life. This is all part of what is known in Tahiti as Mana, the spiritual force that connects all living things. You can feel the mana in many ways and through many different experiences. It is in the unique and unspoiled natural surroundings, the thriving ancestral culture and the traditions and lifestyle of the Polynesian people.

Erin and Evan flew from Los Angeles to Tahiti-Faa’a International Airport with Air Tahiti Nui, the national airline of French Polynesia. The flight only takes 8 hours and Erin and Evan landed in a completely different world. Here is the itinerary we prepared for their seven day vacation in The Islands of Tahiti.

Day 1


  • Arrival at Tahiti-Faa’a International Airport (PPT°)
  • Check-in Te Moana Tahiti Resort
Les montagnes de Tahiti © Grégoire Le Bacon Tahiti Nui Helicopters
Chambre du Te Moana © Manava Suite Resort Tahiti - ® M Colombini

Day 2


  • Catamaran or ferry from Tahiti to Moorea
  • Check-in Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort
  • Preparations for traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony
  • Romantic dinner on the hotel beach at ‘Restaurant K’
Traversée Tahiti Moorea © Tahiti Tourisme
Mariage traditionnel © Tahiti Tourisme Restaurant du Sofitel Moorea © Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

Day 3


Vue aérienne sur les baies © Stéphane Mailion Photography
Belvédère de Moorea ©_Grégoire Le Bacon Quad au Belvédère © Myles McGuinness

Day 4


Snorkelling ©_Grégoire Le Bacon
Raies et requins de Moorea © Grégory Lecoeur Pique-nique sur un motu ©_Tahiti Fly Shoot

Day 5


  • Ferry from Moorea to Tahiti
  • Catch 45 min flight to Raiatea with Air Tahiti
  • Hotel shuttle boat transfer to Le Taha’a Resort & Spa
  • Settle into overwater bungalow
  • Admire sunset over Bora Bora from bungalow’s private terrace or hotel pool bar
Aéroport de Raiatea ©_Alika Photography
Vue sur les pilotis de l'hôtel de Taha'a ©_Grégoire Le Bacon

Day 6


  • Breakfast, delivered to the bungalow by canoe
  • Snorkeling in coral gardens in lagoon
  • Massage and private jacuzzi in hotel spa, Le Tavai
Spa à Bora Bora © Grégoire Le Bacon
Vanilles ©_Teriitua Maoni

Day 7

Raiatea to Tahiti

  • Transfer to Raiatea by boat
  • Visit vanilla plantation
  • Visit the marae of Taputapuatea UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Catch return flight to Tahiti for night flight back to Los Angeles
Marae Taputapuatea © Stéphane Mailion Photography
Taha'a black vanilla © Tahiti Tourisme Gregoire LE BACON
Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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