The famous poisson cru au lait de coco is the flagship of Polynesian gastronomy.

A taste of the islands

Polynesian gastronomy

Polynesian Gastronomy © Tahiti Tourisme

What to eat in The Islands of Tahiti

Polynesian cuisine is based on top quality fresh local produce and both savoury and sweet dishes are often flavored with vanilla or coconut milk.

There is a diverse choice of restaurants in The Islands of Tahiti, including French, Chinese, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Italian.

8 specialities of The Islands of Tahiti you must try
Poisson Cru © Stéphane Mailion Photography

Raw fish with coconut milk (i’a ota ha’ari)

Fresh raw fish marinated in coconut milk, given a slight tang with a zest of lime juice, is the preferred dish of most Polynesians and considered to be the national dish of Tahiti.

Poisson cru au lait de coco is served in nearly every restaurant, no matter what else is on the menu. A deliciously refreshing starter, main course or snack any time of the day!

Cooking raw fish with coconut milk
Po'e Banane © Ra'i Mao

An exotic sweet finale

What’s for dessert?

No Polynesian meal is complete without a dessert, and one of the favorites in The Islands of Tahiti is poe, a deliciously sweet, starchy pudding made from taro root flavored with banana, vanilla, papaya or pumpkin, and served with freshly pressed coconut milk.

Prepare the banana poe

Be inspired


Take a culinary voyage to the heart of Polynesia, where traditional dishes and international cuisine merge to offer a unique gastronomic experience. From fresh seafood to grilled mahi mahi (dorado), from steak and fries to chow mein, your tastebuds will savour every meal.

More experiences
More experiences

No to be missed

Roulottes (food trucks)

A meal at one of the food trucks (roulottes) of The Islands of Tahiti is a moment of relaxed conviviality and fine food at a very reasonable price.

Residents and tourists alike enjoy the warm and friendly, family atmosphere . The choice is wide and varied: grills, savoury pancakes, pizzas, Chinese fried noodles, poisson cru…

Tahiti 3 pontons food truck © Alikaphoto
Tahiti Vaiare food truck © Tahiti Tourisme

You’ll also enjoy

An ahima’a Polynesian earth oven

The best way to enjoy traditional Polynesian cooking is at a tama’ara’a (festive meal), when it’s served from an ahima’a earth oven. On the menu: roast pork, fish, poulet fafa (chicken with spinach and coconut milk), fe’i bananas (plantains) and taro, all cooked for several hours in an earth oven, As a starter, there is usually poisson cru and fafaru for the more adventurous (a very pungent dish of raw fish marinated in fermented sea water). A tama’ara’a is a very festive occasion with music and singing, and often lasts well into the early hours.

Ahima'a © Ra'i Mao
Poisson cru © Ra'i Mao

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