Rurutu is one of the few islands in French Polynesia without a lagoon. Instead it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with its incredibly diverse marine life. Each year, humpback whales visit the waters of the Austral Islands to reproduce and give birth to their calves. Research scientists and lovers of these huge mamals come to the authentic and unspoiled island of Rurutu to observe them. An unforgettable sight in a beautiful setting.

Dive sites

Dive into the stunning universe beneath the waves off the coast of Rurutu. Discover the vast coral formations, swim among multitudes of colorful tropical fish and observe the giant whales. You can take a whale watching excursion to observe the whales closer up, but only with a mask and tuba, because there is no dive center on the island.
If you are able to bring your own scuba diving equipment, here are two of the best dive sites in Rurutu.

Cliff and sea on Rurutu c Tahiti Tourisme

Peva Pass

A dive that’s unique in French Polynesia. Starting from the beach, you explore a long corridor, 12 meters deep, with dropoffs and cavities teeming with life. You’ll discover vast outcrops of colorful coral, tropical fish and even whitetip sharks, easily visible in the exceptionally clear water.

Una’a Point

A remarkable site with immense plateaus and coral formations up to several meters high. The visibility is excellent – you can see for at least 50 meters in the crystal clear blue water. You’ll be able to observe schools of parrotfish, angelfish, emperors, whitetip sharks and tuna.

A school of fish © Tahiti Tourisme

Be inspired


The island of Rurutu is famed for its many caves, which you should visit in the company of a local guide. If you come during the month of January, you’ll be able to participate in the Tere A’ati or the Tomora’a Are, two festivals that are steeped in the tradtional culture of the island.

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